Whale Tea Company | Highgate Canberra City | Commercial

22 Jun 2020

Morris Property Group  22/06/2020

Introducing our new commercial tenancy ‘Whale Tea’ to our Canberra City development Highgate. The MPG marketing team were one of the first to try some of the best bubble tea Canberra City has to offer. Their Bubble tea and special souffle creations are all made from natural ingredients and come packaged to impress in small 3D domes.

Whale Tea originated in Nanjing and has 300 stores internationally. The Whale Tea Company’s vision is to bring strength to their customers and the community with their innovative product whilst their mission is to offer products that are sustainable to the environment while strengthening the community.

Whale Tea Company is located at the front of Highgate on City walk. Come and grab one of their famous bubble tea’s and try their exciting Souffle desserts.



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