Existing Site Conditions

The site comprises 2 dated office buildings

The blocks are currently developed with a 2 storey office building on each site. 175 London Circuit, formerly occupied by National Australia Bank is now vacant and fronts onto London Circuit and Ainslie Place. 179 London Circuit is occupied by Kowalski Recruitment offices and fronts onto London Circuit with rear access via Riverside Lane. The neighbouring properties all house commercial offices and range between 6 and 10 storeys.

Since the National Australia Bank was vacated there have been issues with vandalism and graffiti. Redevelopment and occupation of the future development will prevent this behaviour.


The site is zoned CZ1 – Core Zone under the Territory Plan and is further controlled by the City Precinct Code and National Capital Plan.

The site is subject to the planning controls within the City Precinct Code and planning guidelines in the National Capital Plan. Buildings in this area are permitted to be built up to RL617m (approx. 12 stories) providing there are no other buildings built up to RL617 on the same section. All other buildings on Section 14 are a maximum of 10 storeys. Guidelines in the National Capital Plan refer to maintaining the geometry of the city centre, the Burley Griffin Plan and design quality.



Proposed Development

The size, shape and topography of the site supports a high rise commercial office building with ground floor retail space.

Click here to view the 175-179 London Circuit Community Consultation Plans

The proposed development comprises delivery of a 12 storey commercial office building with 4 levels of basement parking.
The development proposal has been presented to the National Capital Design Review Panel and the design has been developed based on comments provided by the panel. The proponent has additionally undertaken consultation with the City Renewal Authority in preparing the design.

The proposed development responds to local demand for accommodation for a variety of different tenancy sizes and will offer office and retail accommodation options for both public and private sector tenants.

The proposed development will include:

• 7000m2 approx of office space between levels 2 and 12.
• 250m2 approx of ground floor retail space.
• 78 bicycle parking spaces and associated end of trip facilities.
• High quality design by leading architecture firm GMB.
• Acquisition of a small 50m2 parcel of land to the rear of the building to square off the site
• Acquisition of air rights on the corner of London Circuit and Ainslie Place to square off the building

Project Benefits

Project will provide significant benefits to the local community.

  • The project will improve the area through the implementation of high quality architecture and the addition of additional retail space to activate the area.
  • Once completed, the project will provide office accommodation in a convenient location that is close to public transport, other business precincts, the Canberra Centre and open green spaces such as Ainslie Place and Glebe Park.
  • The proposed development is consistent with the objectives of the Core Zone as outlined in the Territory Plan and ACT Government policies.
  • The project will provide a range of office spaces apartment sizes catering for a wide range of tenants.
  • The proposed development meets the permissible uses under the Crown Leases.
  • Other sustainable features may include passive solar orientation of buildings, stormwater capture and reuse on site and use of sustainable building materials.
  • During construction, measures will be taken to minimise noise, dust and disturbance to surrounding properties where possible.
  • The 175 London Circuit redevelopment project will create new office space opportunities in the Canberra CBD. The proposed plan is consistent with Government policy for redevelopment of the site and demonstrates continued investor confidence as well as employment in the construction sector in Canberra.

Community Consultation

Morris Property Group is committed to delivering the 175-179 London Circuit Redevelopment in a way that improves the civic architecture of the Canberra CBD and creates a quality experience for all users.

We are committed to delivering a development that is consistent with the Territory Plan and other relevant planning controls.

We are following the Pre DA Community Consultation Guidelines for Prescribed Developments to ensure meaningful engagement is undertaken in relation to the proposed development prior to lodgement of a Development Application.

​This website will provide the following information as part of the Community Consultation process:

  • project updates as the concept design progresses
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • details of community consultations
  • contact details

To submit an enquiry or query in relation to the project please email info@morrispropertygroup.com.au

We will endeavour to engage with interested members of the community through this website, our Facebook Page, letter box drops to the surrounding area and by providing onsite signage.

Please follow our Facebook page http://facebook.com/morrispropertygroup to stay up to date with project progress.

Community Consultation Sessions

We will be undertaking 2x Community Consultation Sessions for local residents and business owners to attend. These sessions will include further information about the project and provide a platform for any further questions to be discussed. If you would like to attend a session please send your name, email address and which session you would like to attend to info@morrispropertygroup.com.au. A link will be sent to you prior to the session.

Session 1 – Virtual Session
Date: Thursday 2 September 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Session 2 – Virtual Session
Date: Friday 3 September 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

If you cannot attend and would like to submit feedback regarding this development, please email us at:


Q & A

Where will the driveway be located?

Basement vehicle access will be located on Riverside Lane on the north eastern side of the block leaving the Ainslie Place and London Circuit frontages clear for pedestrian movement.

Will the development be undertaken in stages?

No, it is proposed that the development will be undertaken in 1 stage.

Will there be any Residential dwellings in the development?

No, this is a commercial development.

How many storeys will the building be?

The building will be 12 storeys.

How many carparks will be built?

There will be 79 car spaces and 8 motor cycle spaces. Currently there are no on site car parks for the existing 2 storey office buildings.

Where will the pedestrian access be?

Pedestrian access to the building will be on the corner of London Circuit and Ainslie Place.

Where will the vehicle loading bay be located?

The Vehicle loading bay will be located next to the basement entrance on Riverside Lane.

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