52 -56 Leichhardt Street Urban Renewal Project

Morris Property Group is excited to be undertaking a boutique urban renewal project in Griffith, ACT. The redevelopment will comprise demolition of 3 dilapidated single dwellings, amalgamation of 3 sites and transformation into a boutique residential development.

The redevelopment will take place over 3 parcels of land comprising Blocks 2, 18 and 19 Section 23 Griffith (3,620m2) which is located at 52-56 Leichhardt Street, one of Canberra’s most sought-after locations.

Positioned 5km south of the CBD, this development will be in walking distance from the Kingston Shops, providing residents easy access to some of Canberra’s best entertainment venues, retail shops, cafes and restaurants.

Existing Site Conditions

The site comprises 3 brick dwellings.

Along with the dwellings, the site contains associated fencing, garages, driveways and overgrown landscaping.

Properties in the surrounding area have recently been redeveloped with residential apartments up to 4 storeys in height which aligns with the RZ5, High Density Residential Zone.

There are single residential dwellings on the opposite side of Leichhardt Street which is zoned RZ1, Suburban Zone.



The site is zoned RZ5 – High Density Residential under the Territory Plan and is further controlled by the Griffith Precinct Code.

The site is subject to the planning controls within the Griffith Precinct Code, specifically the RC2 controls. Buildings in this area must be “predominantly 3 storeys, with a maximum height of 4 storeys only where it is not the dominant feature of a street frontage”. The RZ5 zoning permits high density development. Several properties in the surrounding area have already been developed to a similar level of density.

Proposed Development

The size, shape and topography of the site supports a high density residential development with a variety of dwelling types. 

Click here to view the 52 -56 Leichhardt Street Community Consultation Plans

The permitted use under the Crown Lease is residential. The proposed development comprises delivery of 76 residential apartments in accordance with the Griffith Precinct Code.

The proposed development responds to local demand for accommodation for a variety of different demographics. The project will offer dwelling types suitable for singles, young professionals, families and active older residents seeking to downsize.

The proposed development will include:

  • A boutique residential building of 4 Levels in accordance with the Griffith Precinct Map and Code
  • A building form that sets back at the top floor so that the building has a soft presence to the street frontage
  • Landscaped open spaces
  • Basement car parking including garages for larger apartments

Project Benefits

The 52 -56 Leichhardt Street Urban Renewal Project will provide significant benefits to the local community.

  • The project will improve the local area through the implementation of high quality architecture and the addition of boutique residences in a sought after location.
  • Once completed, the project will provide residential accommodation in a convenient location that is close to public transport, Kingston Shops, employment nodes, community facilities and major open spaces such as Kingston Oval, Telopea Park and Lake Burley Griffin.
  • The proposed development is consistent with the objectives of the High Density Residential Zone as outlined in the Territory Plan and ACT Government policies.
  • The project will provide a range of apartment sizes including choices for residents who want to downsize from existing housing into a range of quality designed accommodation, without having to move from the local area.
  • The proposed development meets the permissible uses under the Crown Leases.
  • Other sustainable features may include passive solar orientation of buildings, stormwater capture and reuse on site, energy efficient apartments, appliances and use of sustainable building materials.
  • During construction, measures will be taken to minimise noise, dust and disturbance to surrounding properties where possible.
  • The Leichhardt Street redevelopment project will create new residential opportunities in the Inner South. The proposed plan is consistent with government policy for redevelopment of the site and demonstrates continued investor confidence as well as employment in the construction sector in Canberra.

Community Consultation

Morris Property Group is committed to delivering the 52 -56 Leichhardt Street Urban Renewal Project in a way that is sensitive to Griffith’s existing character, heritage and enriches the suburb by introducing high-quality architecture.

We are committed to delivering a development that is consistent with the Territory Plan and the Griffith Precinct Code.

We are following the Pre DA Community Consultation Guidelines for Prescribed Developments to ensure meaningful engagement is undertaken in relation to the proposed development prior to lodgement of a Development Application.

​This website will provide the following information as part of the Community Consultation process:

  • Project updates as the concept design progresses
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Details of community consultations
  • Contact details

To submit an enquiry or query in relation to the project please email info@morrispropertygroup.com.au

We will endeavour to engage with interested members of the community through this website, our Facebook Page and onsite signage.

Please follow our Facebook page http://facebook.com/morrispropertygroup to stay up to date with project progress.



Community Consultation Sessions

We will be undertaking 2 online Community Consultation Sessions for local residents and business owners to attend. These sessions will include further information about the project and provide a platform for any further questions to be discussed. If you would like to attend a session please send your name, email address and which session you would like to attend to info@morrispropertygroup.com.au. A link will be sent to you prior to the session.

Session 1
Date: Thursday 23 September 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Location: Online Meeting

Session 2
Date: Friday 24 September 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Location: Online Meeting

If you cannot attend and would like to submit feedback regarding this development, please email us at: info@morrispropertygroup.com.au


We have responded to queries regarding the proposed development below and will continue to add to the Q&A section as the consultation progresses.

How many units will be delivered on the site?

76 apartments will be delivered across the site in accordance with the allowable uses under the Crown Lease and the Griffith Precinct Code.


What is the proposed unit mix?

The proposed unit mix will be approximately:

  • 16% 3 bedroom apartments
  • 63% 2 bedroom apartments
  • 21% 1 bedroom apartments


How many car parks will be provided?

Car parking will be provided to meet the requirements of the Parking and Vehicular Access General Code: https://www.legislation.act.gov.au/DownloadFile/ni/2008-27/copy/99551/PDF/2008-27.PDF

Minimum car parking provisions will be as follows:

1 bedroom apartment: 1 car space

2 bedroom apartment: 1.5 cars per 2 bed apartment

3 bedroom apartment: 2 car spaces

Visitor car spaces: 1 per 4 dwellings, totalling 19 spaces provided on site or within 100 metres of site.


Where will the driveway be located?

We are proposing to remove two of the existing driveways to 52 & 54 Leichhardt Street and to utilise the existing driveway location of 56 Leichhardt Street for access to the site.


Will the development be undertaken in stages?

No, it is proposed that the development will be undertaken in 1 stage.


Will there be any Commercial in the development?

No, this is a residential development.

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