Parc at Jamison is perfect for all creatures great and small

16 Jul 2020

Michelle Rowe | RIOTACT


The diva-like behaviour began even before the photographer had taken the first picture.

The primped Pomeranian, working her best angle on the display apartment sofa, was having none of the two interlopers about to crash her photoshoot for Canberra developer Morris Property Group.

Leaping off the furniture with the velocity and pinpoint accuracy of a perfectly coiffed combat drone, Luna – who is the size of a Chanel handbag – landed at the feet of a terrified whippet and began a ferocious verbal assault.

The target of Luna’s displeasure tried desperately to keep the nerves at bay. But with a touch of Italian greyhound in the genes, Malo failed miserably. The uncontrollable shaking lasted pretty much the rest of the day.

Cooper, a ruggedly handsome golden retriever but as dumb as a box of hammers, had watched the scene unfold from behind the kitchen bench but even then he couldn’t read the room.

At the precise moment the raging redhead launched into an aerial pirouette to land a well-aimed kick on the whippet’s snout, Cooper chose to lumber over and give her a sniff.

At this point, lesser development companies would have cut their losses … slipped the hot pink leash back onto the peeved Pom, scooped up the whippet and bundled her back into the car, coaxed the retriever outside with promises of a fetid puddle to roll about in.

But there was a job to be done, and nobody was leaving until it was finished. The production crew steeled themselves to forge ahead despite the appalling talent.

“It seemed like a good idea to do a photoshoot with some animals to show how pet-friendly our apartments are,” says Morris Property Group sales executive Anthony Alvaro, perhaps ruing the decision as his colleague Ashleigh Bujaroski lunges for the whippet as it races past for the 17th time.

“A lot of our staff have animals, so we got a few together and brought them to our Parc development in Macquarie. Several of the residents here have downsized and brought their pets with them, and we wanted to let people know that making a move to an apartment or townhouse doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take your feathered and furry family members with you.”

MPG’s hopes of a seamless shoot were not to eventuate. Incidents of inappropriate licking, refusal to take direction and an unfortunate incident on the balcony that nobody would own up to left everyone exhausted.

But against the odds, the crew managed to achieve the holy grail of a decent set of pics to run on Morris Property Group’s popular social media channels.

And things could have been worse.


“We had a pair of rabbits lined up, but they couldn’t make it,” said Mr Alvaro.

Probably for the best. They might never have got them out of the bedroom.

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