Meet the team (QLD) – Dana Brennan

7 Oct 2020

Name: Dana Brennan, or Miss B


Job title: Office and accounts administrator


What I do at MPG: I have the joys of working with Cheops construction management software, submitting invoices and claims for processing and payment. I answer the phones, handle uniforms and most importantly make sure there’s enough milk and coffee for the office for everyone to have their caffeine and sugar hit.


The best bit about my job: That I don’t hate my job.


The worst bit: The A-team has a tendency to go stir-crazy/mental by midday Tuesday… Yes, marbles will be lost.


How I start my day: Tea/coffee!!!


How I de-stress: Laugh or cry to the A-team. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.


Dog or cat person: Not even a question –  dog person, 100%


Super power: Probably invisibility or flying


Guilty pleasure: Online shopping till I’m just about broke, then I tell myself I have a problem and to stop and save…until next pay. I ordered so much in iso that I don’t know what’s coming anymore.  If Australia Post brings me a llama tomorrow, I won’t question it.


Advice to my teenaged self: Stay young and stop wishing you were older – time just flies by!

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