Meet the Team (ACT) – Barry Parsons

19 Oct 2020


Name: Barry (Baz) Parsons


Job title: Corporate Work Health and Safety Manager


What I do at MPG: I develop project WHS management systems, conduct internal training and monitor implementation of the systems to ensure compliance.


The best bit about my job: It’s extremely satisfying to help site teams and contractors understand their obligations and watch the structures grow.


The worst bit: Unfortunately not all people understand what I do or why I do it. Occasionally this may lead to a bit of confrontation.


How I start my day: My day starts with a full site walk (with a coffee) to check for any issues overnight.


How I de-stress: I jump in my canoe, find a quiet river and go for a fish.


Dog or cat person: Dog guy.


Super power: Tele transportation would be useful!


Guilty pleasure: Jack Daniels and …just Jack Daniels.


Advice to my teenaged self: Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

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