Meet the team – Travis Gielen

31 Jul 2020


Michelle Rowe | 31.07.2020



Travis Gielen


Job title:

Sales Manager – QLD


What I do at MPG:

I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the Queensland sales team, along with sales and marketing for our QLD projects.


The best bit about my job:

I really enjoy seeing the projects we develop come to fruition.

Our team is responsible for selling MPG projects “off plan” and a key part of our role is visualising what the end product will look like then translating that vision to buyers. We need to be adept at understanding plans, view lines and internals intricately and then combine all of that into a solution that meets the buyer’s needs. These projects are years in the making so it is a pretty good feeling when you ultimately stand in an apartment you spent so many years visualising and see the real thing.

Every MPG development I’ve been involved with has far exceeded the vision I had in my head so it’s always pleasant handing over a completed apartment to the buyer and telling them I told you so!


The worst bit:

The worst part is working on the Gold Coast and having to drive by the ocean on the way to work each day. It is pretty hard to take.


How I start my day:

I like to get into the office early and take advantage of the quiet time to get through some work before the day begins.  As such, I usually wake up, have a shower and then grab a coffee on my way to work and get stuck in.


How I de-stress:

I usually go for a run every evening.  While it doesn’t generally feel less stressful at the time I certainly feels better after I’m finished.


Dog or cat person:

I am a dog person all day long. You know the drill, they are loyal, courageous and eternal optimists.


Super power:

I have googled the list of superpowers and have determined that I have none of them.  I am unable to shapeshift, perform telekinesis or mind control.

In my business one of our key mindsets is developing the ability to turn our greatest weakness into our greatest strength.

As such, I guess my superpower is the amazing ability not to read your mind which leaves me to rely on my finely tuned and enhanced listening skills.


Guilty pleasure:

During the week I am the picture of health and enjoy running, ample servings of rabbit food and no alcohol.  You might say I am a finely tuned athlete.

On weekends I make up for that with an abundance of shockingly unhealthy burgers, chips, snacks, chocolates and anything I can get my hands on really.

They say life is about balance so I am hoping it all evens out ….


Advice to my teenaged self: 

Make the most of that long hair because you won’t have it for long.


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