Apartments for living.

Sentinel is a mixed-use project comprising 240 residential apartments in two buildings with ground floor commercial space ideally located in the heart of Belconnen.

At 60 metres tall, the soaring vertical architecture is designed to enhance the benefits of its unique location, with features like full-height windows and balconies to take maximum advantage of the stunning views across Lake Ginninderra and the town centre.

As one of the newest and most iconic buildings in Belconnen, Sentinel combines futuristic design with stylish minimalist lines and a unique “podium” design which has both towers resting on a five-storey platform that rises above the town centre streets.

Construction of Sentinel was completed in March 2014.


Resort style facilities.

The podium area features a resort style swimming pool surrounded by decking furnished with sun-lounges and ample landscaping.

A commercial grade gymnasium offers access to equipment without the hefty price tag of a gym membership.

The communal BBQ and picnic area offers the ideal location for entertaining.

Apartments for living.

Sustainability in design.

With an energy efficient design, Sentinel is 100% compliant with the new BCA energy use requirements, resulting in a sustainable green building that efficiently uses sophisticated design principles to minimise environmental impact and energy consumption.

Superior insulation and individually tailored glazing minimises air conditioning needs, while deep balconies for each apartment allow full height doors to open, providing plenty of natural light and fresh air.

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