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Our History

Morris Property Group is a multi-faceted property business focusing on property investment, asset management, development and construction that has been built over three decades.

Established in Canberra in 1978, Morris Property Group has grown from an investment background, acquiring strategic investment properties from which hospitality and retail businesses were operated across Canberra in the 1980s.
Morris Property Group progressively redeveloped those holdings and new sites to deliver several high-profile property developments in the ACT, NSW and Queensland and become an industry leader in property development.

More recently, the group has acquired further investment assets consisting of commercial office space in Canberra, ACT and Brisbane, QLD. The objective of the Group has been to create a stable income base from its property investment portfolio, to diversify much of the inherent volatility of development and construction activities.

The addition of the in-house construction team in 2010 has enabled Morris Property Group to achieve excellence in all aspects of project delivery. We have personnel in-house with unrestricted building licenses in ACT, NSW and QLD.

Our Vision

The vision for Morris Property Group is a national property investment and development business that integrates seamlessly with its construction team to achieve excellence in product concept, environmental sustainability and quality across both residential developments and office investments.

With a focus on excellence of location and a renewed enthusiasm for producing ergonomic workspaces or livable apartments with superior environmental credentials, Morris Property Group is constantly working to fulfill the vision for memorable property: market-leading office space to top-tier tenants, and apartments for living for real people. We focus on constantly improving our construction methodologies to enable delivery of projects efficiently and on time.

Our focus on commercial property extends to an understanding of tenant needs in designing and delivering workspaces tailored to their workflows, structure and budgets. Whether a new or existing building, Morris Property Group strives to maintain presentable, well-run and cost-effective buildings with a good understanding of environmental impacts and social outcomes.

In the residential property market, Morris Property Group supports and pursues new urbanism and densification as an environmentally sensible and economically sustainable town planning policy for any city. Our team believes in apartment living as an attractive and viable choice for residents, whatever their lifestyle, and takes pride in designing and building livable, flexible spaces of high quality and excellent value.

We believe that we have an excellent understanding of our industry, our clients, our craft and our community, and we intend to show our commitment to these pursuits for generations to come.

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